Thursday, January 01, 2004

Come and See My Zeal for the Lord

“Come and see my zeal for the Lord!”

--Jehu (2 Kings 10:16)

I love that declaration by Jehu!  Then the Bible records that with Charlton Heston bravado Jehu jumped into a chariot and rode off to do the will of God.  Now that should appeal to every Alpha Male in my readership today.  I mean, it has all the ingredients we love:  1)  A bold declaration, 2) A cool word that begins with a “Z”, 3) A chariot, and 4) Action, baby!

A Bold Declaration

We like bold declarations.  Say it loud and say it proud!  And once you declare it, it’s set in stone.  “Look, I said it.  I meant it.  And if you try to make me go back on it, I’ll die first!”  Some guys have that zeal for their “team” (for crying out loud…).  How about a little zeal for the Lord God almighty?!  Make a bold declaration, loud and proud, of what you will do for the Lord, and make it big!  Then don’t back down from it.  Die for it, but don’t wimp out.

A Cool Word That Begins With “Z”

You know, like Zorro or something.  We like cool words and phrases, like “Red Zone.” Well, zeal is one of those words.  ZEAL!!!  It even looks cool.  Look your neighbor in the eye and shout “Zeal, baby!” and give them a crushing head butt (only if you are wearing your Brad-Stein-helmet).  But really, that’s a word you can rally around.  We Christians need to work together, you know, get in a huddle, work out a plan, put our hands together, and “Zeal on three.  O.K. One.  Two.  ‘Zeal!’”  (Zealous people sometimes have problems with patience…)  

A Chariot

Jehu had a chariot.  What’s your machine?  Use it to carry out your zeal for Christ.  Ride it to your destination, where you are going to do the will of God.  Let your chariot be filled with prayers and praise and intercessions.  Show your zeal in your automobile!  You call that little stick fish ZEAL?!  SHOW ME YOUR ZEAL FOR THE LORD!!!

Action, Baby!

Why are so many churches loaded with more women than men?  No action!  But show me a church making a bone-jarring impact on their community and I’ll bet it’s a church loaded with men full of zeal for the Lord!  You want men involved?  Then give them something to win.  That’s why men rhymes with win (bear with me here).  But really, men want to get out and do something.  There’s a time for talk, but then there’s a time for action, and that action needs to be in the middle of the will of God.  

Long Summary

Just do it!